Second Hand Sunday - 2 December 2018

Second-Hand Sunday is a joint event by the Nelson City and the Tasman District Councils to help re-home useful household goods for free.

Across the region,

Get ready for the joint Nelson City and Tasman District Council event to help re-home useful household goods.

What is Second Hand Sunday?

It's a way to re-home household goods for free - anything from chairs, books, clothing or left over-bits and pieces from building projects. Please don't put out food, dangerous goods like faulty electrical equipment, or chemicals.

The next Second-Hand Sunday is 2 December.

How do I participate?

To collect goods

  • Just before the day, the addresses are made available online for treasure hunters.
  • Simply visit addresses and collect material on the day.

To offer items on the day

  • Put your items out on your driveway or front lawn.
  • Attach the poster to your letterbox so people can see you are involved.
  • The event will take place rain or shine, and in the event of bad weather, it is up to the householder whether they put their items out or not.
  • If you have anything left after the event, find other ways to dispose of things. Responsible removal of any uncollected items is required at the end of the day.

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