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From consents to compost and rubbish to rates, this section will help you get things done around your home.

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Find out about rates on Tasman properties, how we set our rates, how you can pay them, and whether you might be eligible for a rates discount.

If you're planning to build, carry out alterations or renovate your home or business, this is the place to start.

Resource Consents are needed for subdivision, a new use for a piece of land, taking water, discharging contaminants, and a range of other activities.

Find out about properties in the Tasman region, from Land Information Memorandums, to viewing the contents of our Property Files.

Water is a precious resource - this section covers how we get water to your property, metering, and how we manage taking wastewater and stormwater away. There's also tips for reducing your water use.

Some of the most common questions we get asked about properties - from boundaries to fencing to noise control and more.

Find out about Tasman's rubbish and recycling collection scheme, as well as the services we have for commercial users.