Resource consent forms and fees

Resource consent fees

We generally cost recover for processing your resource consent application on a "user-pays" basis. How much will vary depending on the type of consent, how simple it is, how well your application and assessment has been done, how long the consent takes to assess and any additional costs we incur. When you lodge your consent application you must also include the required deposit fee.

Talking with us before you finalise your proposal and prepare your application can save delays and costs during its processing.

Once you have got your resource consent, some types of resource consents do have annual fees that you must pay over the lifetime of the resource consent.

You may also need to pay development contributions for subdivision and some types of development, such as an extra dwelling. These are not RMA charges, as they rely on the Local Government Act 2002 and our obligation to our community to get a fair proportion of the cost for new infrastructure services needed to meet the demand from the new development.

More information on development contributions, when you must pay, and at what stage of your project.

Resource consent application forms

Application forms can be printed and completed, then posted, faxed or delivered to any of our offices in Richmond, Motueka, Murchison or Takaka. Forms marked with an asterisk (*) can be filled in online before being printed.

Please contact us if you would like an application form posted or e-mailed to you. @TODO (how many do we get? what's our standard service offering across the website?)



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Other resource consent forms

Resource Consent fees
Resource Management: Administration monitoring & supervision charges of resource consents
Development contribution fees

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