Top of the South Maps

An interactive map site that aims to provide comprehensive access to council data.

Top of the South Maps is a collaboration between Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council.


  • A mobile-friendly version – simply visit on your smartphone or tablet and install the app.
  • Street View – click the icon and click a street to get a view of the local area.
  • Easier to use – combined layer lists, legends and quick views.
  • A 'more data' option enables the display of contours over aerial photography.
  • Cemetery records are now available by simply searching for a person’s name.
  • Walking tracks have been separated from biking tracks and mountain bike tracks are now displayed by grade.
  • Share maps via Facebook, export data into a wide range of formats.

Existing features

  • An area measure tool;
  • Improved search capability;
  • New property search including multiple parcels;
  • More printing options;
  • Improved Help pages; and
  • A new data download tool.


  • Contours
  • Planning Zones
  • Survey Points
  • Infrastructure Features
  • The Prow Stories
  • Open Orchards


  • Services
    • Stormwater, Wastewater and Water Pipes
    • Stormwater Drains
    • Bus Routes
    • Rubbish and Recycling Collection
  • Property
    • Addresses and Boundaries
  • Recreation
    • Places of Interest (playgrounds, toilets etc.)
    • Reserves and Parks
    • Tracks
    • Dog Exercise Areas


Information on Top of the South Maps is sourced from the Councils GIS (geographical information systems). It is an approximate representation only and must not be used to determine the location or size of items shown, or to identify legal boundaries.

About the district

The Tasman District covers 9,786 square kilometres and is bounded to the west by the Matiri Ranges, Tasman Mountains and the Tasman Sea. To the north Tasman and Golden Bays form its seaward edge, and the eastern boundary reaches the Spencer Mountains and the St Arnaud and Richmond Ranges to the southern boundary of the Victoria Ranges.

Within this area there are five wards and 17 settlements. The largest ward, Richmond, borders Nelson in the north of the region.


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